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The FBT programme

Education enables students to construct "their" knowledge efficiently.
In Food- and Biotechnology knowledge is mostly "organized" in models.
Knowledge construction is in this context largely equivalent with model construction.
In this context learning implies mostly construction of mental models.
Construction of knowledge or mental models is based on assimilation of information, and on previously accumulated knowledge.

Learning is not limited to learning within educational institutions, but occurs during meetings, while playing games, during reading and so on and so forth. 
In other words: every situation is a situation in which we learn.
Some situations are specifically designed to enable and facilitate efficient and effective knowledge construction.
It is the main task of educational institutions like schools and universities to design and realize such situations.

Learning in educational institutions

  • Society invests substantially in educational institutions.
  • Therefore we argue that learning in educational institutions should be much more efficient and effective than in situations which are not specifically created for this purpose.

High quality education implies: a knowledge construction that is highly effective and highly efficient.

Learning materials
In many educational institutions learning materials play an important role:
  • books
  • notes
  • assignments
  • practical settings
  • video-tapes
  • simulation-programs
  • whiteboards
  • ....
Known situations in education
The following keywords refer to well known situations in education:
  • group discussion
  • problem based learning
  • self study
  • lecture attendance
  • role play
  • virtual environment
Good learning situations
Although every situation can be a situation in which we learn we will use the term learning situation mainly for those situations specifically designed to enhance learning. Thus learning situations enable students to attain:
  • a learning goal
  • or a set of learning goals
  • or a set of competencies
Good learning situations are:
  • Motivating the student
  • Activating the student
  • Providing the right information at the right moment 
    (an aspect of efficiency - JIT education)
  • Giving direction to the process of knowledge construction 
    (an aspect of effectiveness)

The FBT programme aims at design and development of a large set of reusable units of learning material. These can be used in a wide range of learning situations.

The FBT programme:
  • offers diversity to students,
  • supports students having different learning styles,
  • and operates flexibly within the existing organizational framework.


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