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Uploading questions

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Once the question has been made as described in Developing questions it is ready to be inserted into the drupal system online. Enter your Drupal internet page and log in on the system. When logged in, a menu on the left side of the website appears. From this menu choose “create content” and then choose “closed question.” A new page will appear to insert the question. Follow these steps to insert questions in Drupal:

  1. Give a title to your question. This can either be a code, a subject name or just a name related to the content of the question.
  2. Go back to the HTML file of the question that you want to insert. Select all text in the working area of the program. Copy the contents from this document in the “Question XML” box.
  3. To insert pictures click on this icon: . A pop up window appears which enables you to upload a picture, give properties to the picture and add it to the commands from the question.