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Several types of questions have been designed that can be chosen. Each question gives another possibility of answering. For each question type a template file is present that acts as the basis for the creation of a new question. These files can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. The question types are:

  1. Option:
    This question is a multiple choice question. In this question only one of the answers is correct. Also it’s not possible to check a second answer. When a second answer is selected the first option will be de-selected.
  2. Check:
    The check question is a multiple option question, so more than 1 answer can be correct. The answers can be selected by checking the box in front of the answer.
  3. Value:
    The answer of this question is a number. This type of question is mainly used for mathematical problems in which the student has to do calculations and fill in the answer.
  4. Drag and drop:
    A picture is displayed with blank spaces. On the bottom of this picture a couple of words or images can be seen. These words or images have to be placed on the correct blanks of the picture. The answers are free to be placed and move around the complete picture.
  5. Hotspot:
    In a hotspot question a picture is displayed. A student can then be asked to point out a specific object in the picture. By clicking on the picture the answer will be given.
  6. Fill blanks:
    This question type contains text that contains a lot of information. On certain places a blank can be inserted. On this blank space the student has to choose the correct word to insert from a drop-down menu.
  7. Select and order:
    In this question type answer options have to be selected by the student. In addition, it is possible to let the student put the selected answer options in the right order.  

The creation of new questions is described using a HTML editor. The editor used in this Manual is HTML-kit. This program is freeware and it can be downloaded on this URL: However, any HTML editor can be used.