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Designing questions


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Determine learning goals

Questions can be designed on paper or with any word processor. First determine what learning goal the students have to achieve by answering the questions. Then choose the right question types to match the learning goal. For example, with a learning goal like students have to be able to design a process, it is not sufficient to design only muliple choice questions since this question type is appropiate to test knowledge, but not degin-skills.

Reserve time

The design of questions is the most time-consuming step, programming the questions in the digital system is not. It is however important to make yourself familiar with the possibilities of the digital system to avoid designing questions that are not possible to program.

Every question type needs the following information:

Question text

The question text should be short and clear. The question text can contain images and hyperlinks to external information sources.

Answer options

The answer options should be clear and precise.

Feedback and hints

This is the most time consuming part of designing questions. Feedback should be written to correct and incorrect answer options.

Feedback to correct answers

Feedback to correct answer options should explain clearly why the chosen answer was correct. It can also provide links to external sources with more information on the subject matter.

Feedback to incorrect answers

Feedback to incorrect answer should clearly state that the chosen answers is incorrect. It should also explain why the answer is not correct. In addition, information can be included that helps the used to find the right answer.

General hints

General hints differ from feedback since they are always displayed when an incorrect answer is given, regardless of the exact submission. These hints should direct the user to understand the concepts by providing information on common mistakes, or steps that have to be taken to finf the right answer. It is also possible to give the right answers after several tries to prevent the user from getting stuck.