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ClosedQuestion is now a hosted module. You can find the drupal page here:


The Drupal module ClosedQuestion adds the Closed Question node-type to Drupal that takes an XML question definition and displays this question to users. The ClosedQuestion-nodes are stand-alone and can be used anywhere a normal node is used. It is developed and maintained by Hylke van der Schaaf.


  • Designed for practice: students can take as many attempts as they like.
  • Many feedback options, feedback can change with attempts.
  • Many question types.

Comparison with Quiz

Quiz is made for quizzes. This makes Quiz only suitable for testing knowledge, not gaining new knowledge.

  • One try per question.
  • Very limited feedback.
  • Limited number of question types.
  • Questions do not work outside of a quiz.

Input format

In the XML any input format filter can be used, with the exception of:

  • Line break converter as this filter will cause linebreaks in bad places.
  • HTML corrector as this will mess up the xml.
  • HTML filter unless you add all used XML tags to the exception list, or it will strip out the tags of the xml.

It is most convenient to create an input format for use specifically with ClosedQuestion. The module better_formats can be used to make sure this input format is always used for ClosedQuestion nodes.

Using images

You can use images in questions in two ways:

  1. Attach the image to the question-node itself using the File attachments function. You can then get the url of this attached image by using [attachurl:filename] or create a complete <img src=""> tag by using [inline:filename], where filename is the name of the attached file. 
  2. Insert the image in text using img-assist (the green + link below the textbox)

Method two is only usable when you want to insert an image in a block of text, and you thus need to complete <img src=""> tag. Method one can also be used if you only need the url of the image to insert into the src="" of a hotspot or drag&drop question.