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Choice - Multiple 1

<question type="CHECK" inlinefeedback="1">
  <p>Which cities are in The Netherlands?</p>

<hint mintries="1">Your answer is not entirely correct yet.</hint>
<hint mintries="3">One option is really wrong.</hint>

<correct>Well done.</correct>

<option correct="1">

  <feedback>Yep, good pick.</feedback>
  <feedbackunselected>You have not selected option "Amsterdam".</feedbackunselected>
  <feedbackunselected mintries="2">You have not selected option "Amsterdam" after two tries.</feedbackunselected>

<option correct="-1">
  <feedback>Willemstad on Curaçao is part of the Netherlands but not in the Netherlands. Selecting it or not selecting it makes no difference.</feedback>

<option correct="1">
  <feedback>Yep, Delft is in The Netherlands</feedback>

<option correct="0">
  <feedback>Nope, Paris is in France.</feedback>